Chantelle Dusette

Chantelle Dusette



Chantelle trained as an actor at The Academy Drama School in Whitechapel, and is now a playwright and screenwriter.  Her debut play ‘THE TEACHER WHO LOVED ME.’ An ethereal fifteen-minute drama that was chosen to form part of the Off Cut Festival in 2009 at the Old Red Lion Theatre.    ‘WOUNDS.’ In 2013, The Lonesome Schoolboy produced this kitchen sink drama and all female play at the Tristan Bates Theatre, featuring a central theme of ‘hate’.


‘THE BELOVED.’  Her third play also produced by The Lonesome Schoolboy, at the Drayton Arms Theatre in 2014. A story about consequences and struggles with alcoholism. 


In 2016 Chantelle produced an autobiographical one-woman play ‘CANCEL THE SUNSHINE,’ about personal experiences with mental health.  Nplanned or expected,  originally she’d sought support through her GP, as she wasn’t coping very well and suspected she was struggling with depression. This initiated random phone calls, and a series of questions by different health professionals, to ‘grade her mental health’.  


This brought many feelings to the surface, so in lieu of effective support from the NHS she began writing to understand where she’d found herself.  When very young she was involved in a house fire, which has left her physically scarred.  Whilst she’s never allowed this to debilitate her everyday life, it’s certainly had impacted her me in many ways.  Those events felt like a rich ground for self-examination and out of this ‘CANCEL THE SUNSHINE’ was born.  Her short film script adaptation of the play, explores these personal stories making them universally accessible for audiences.